Disposal and Recycling for Offices in Singapore

Let Nimbus Movers handle your unwanted furniture and other bulky items, ethically and responsibly. Disposal is done according to laws and regulations and any recyclable parts are collected.

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Disposal and Recycling

Leave your unwanted furniture and other bulky items to us. Nimbus ensures that we remove your unwanted items quickly and efficiently from your premises.

Professional Pre-Disposal Survey

We will assess furniture, equipment and items to be disposed and advise you on your requirements.

Proper and Ethical Disposal

Normal waste is disposed of in accordance to Singapore rules and regulations. Recyclable waste is collected and recycled in our eco-friendly initiative.

Dismantling Furniture

Our moving experts will dismantle large furniture for ease of disposal if necessary.

we walk the talk

Client Testimonials

"The Nimbus team is always on the lookout for suggestions to better fit our needs. They have been very involved in our operations from Day 1, always ensuring we have a good cleaning team on duty... glad to have Nimbus working alongside the team!”
Facilities Manager, Found8
"Nimbus offered us a total office management solution; ranging from regular cleaning, pantry upkeeping, landscaping works and even recycling and waste management. Overall, I am very pleased with Nimbus and the standard of service that they have to offer!"
Office Manager, IPG Mediabrands
"Nimbus always comes to my rescue whenever I'm requesting for an urgent help in cleaning services due to various VIP events; It's an honour getting to work closely with Daniel and his team as they will always ensure the task allocated would be done at a very satisfactory level."
Manager, Corporate Real Estate & Administration, Hyflux Ltd

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